Accel Hygan Machine Sponges
Machine Sponges
We offer a wide range of sponges to suit all sponging machines, including finger skirts, flatware sponges, belt sponges and cup-edge sponges.

Accel Hygan Hand Sponges
Hand Sponges
Our hand sponges are designed so that seams are removed effortlessly to give a smooth high-quality finish. However we can also design and manufacture bespoke sponges according to customers' ideas.

Accel Hygan Sponge-sticks
These specialist products were originally developed by Hygan in the 1970s to enable teapot manufacturers to achieve a rapid, high-quality and consistent spout shape without dust. A range of shapes and sizes has evolved to smooth and fettle around handles and spouts on all types of hollow-ware. However we can also design and manufacture bespoke sponge-sticks according to customers’ ideas for use by hand or for machines and robots.

Accel Hygan Natural Sponges
Natural Sponges
These are available in 2 types :

Silks and Honeycomb

Silks are fine-pored and range in size from 1 – 5" (2.5 – 12.5 cm). Their fine face makes them ideal for modelling and mould-making.

Honeycomb sponges are more open-pored and range in size from 3 – 6” (7.5 – 15 cm). Their cell structure enables them to be used in decorating and casting.

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