Accel Vegra POLY-CLEAN 2065
Cleaning Paste for Metal Cylinders in Offset Machines
- Cleans the cylinder surface from oxide, mud and ink residues
- Protects and preserves the cylinder surface
- Prevents the sticking of inks on the back pressure cylinder

Accel Vegra PUR-O-PAST 2006
Highly efficient roller cleaner for cleaning of synthetic and rubber rollers
- Removes in one operation all ink particles, which have settled in the micropores of the ink roller
- A change of colour, e.g. from black to white, is possible without any problems after application of PUR-O-PAST 2006
- The transport on the rollers is optimised

Accel Vegra COLOR THIX - Printing Ink Gel
COLOR THIX - Printing Ink Gel
For ink problems as below :
- Too thick or tacky
- Picks
- Coagulates
- Print poor solids
- Too concentrated
- Transfer poorly off rolers

Accel Vegra Roller Shampoo 20 20 11, acid (VP187)
Roller Shampoo 20 20 11, acid (VP187)
- Water miscible and corrosion inhibited
- Against deposits on inking rollers or choking of spray dampening units

Accel Vegra Sicco-Solution 3522
Sicco-Solution 3522
- Also suitable for CTP plates
- Reliability in the drying process for all offset inks due to the combination of an outstanding fountain solution with a built-in drier

Accel Vegra Fountain Solution AR BLUE 3870/878 Zi
Fountain Solution AR BLUE 3870/878 Zi
- free of VOCs*), with corrosion inhibitor, for printing without alcohol or with reduced amount of alcohol in Sheet Fed and Continuous Stationary Printing; also suitable for CTP plates

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