Accel kodak PRINERGY
The next revolution in workflow
Kodak Prinergy Workflow is the world’s leading production workflow system. The trusted production hub for commercial, packaging and publishing printers, its open infrastructure integrates conventional and digital print production, automates and optimizes file processing and production management, drives proofers, computer-to-plate devices and presses, and connects Kodak and third-party systems.

Accel kodak Preps
The leading solution for automated, error-free impositions
One of the most widely-used tools in the printing industry. PREPS imposition Software produces faster, more accurate impositions that maximize press sheet usage. With flexible easy-to-use templetes and libraries, PREPS Software make it easy to produce similar or repetitive job effectively, efficiently and automatically.

Accel kodak Insite
KODAK Insite
Prepress Portal Systems
Provides secure Web access to the Prinergy Workflow. Customer, prepress operators, and service representatives can upload files and create new jobs for automatic processing in Prinergy Workflow. They can also remotely track a job's progress from any Web-connected computer. Smart Review (a component of the Insite Portal) allows on-screen proofing with high-resolution zooming, panning and accurate measurements, and page-by-page approval, annotations, and change requests.

Accel kodak STACCATO Screening
Kodak STACCATO Screening
Advanced, second-order FM screening technology. STACCATO Screening produces high-fidelity, continuous tone images that exhibit fine detail and an extended color gamut, creating a photographic experience free of visible printing artifacts, such as subject moiré and rosettes.

Accel kodak Thermal Process Free Plate
KODAK Thermal Process Free Plate
Completely eliminate Processing and Cleaning Equipment.
Save Chemistry, Water, Energy, Waste and VOCs from Plate Making.

- Commercial
>> SONORA XP Process Free

- Newpaper
>> SONORA NEWS Process Free

Accel Kodak Commercial Plate
Kodak Commercial Plate
- Thermal
>> Achieve EM
>> Sword Ultra
>> Electra XD
>> Horsell

- Violet
>> LIBRA – Chemistry Free

Accel Kodak Newspaper Plate
Kodak Newspaper Plate
- Thermal
>> Thermal NEWS PT
>> Thermal NEWS GOLD

- Violet
>> LIBRA – Chemistry Free

Accel KODAK Trendsetter Q800 Platesetter
KODAK Trendsetter Q800 Platesetter
The popular Kodak Trendsetter Q400/800 Platesetter is designed to meet the new challenges of today’s business environment.

Accel Magnus VLF Platesetter
Kodak Magnus VLF Platesetter
The KODAK MAGNUS VLF Platesetter is one of the fastest fully-automated VLF platesetters on the market, providing exceptional productivity and high-quality thermal imaging.

Accel KODAK Generation News
KODAK Generation News
Designed to meet the demanding needs of medium to large newspaper printers, providing both the superior quality of thermal imaging and high productivity.

Accel KODAK Trendsetter NEWS
KODAK Trendsetter NEWS
Built on the same trusted technology that printers have depended on for over 19 years, and provide the productivity, excellent image quality, and stability that newspaper printers need to succeed.

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