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Accel Graphic System is a renowned specialist and solution provider in the printing industry that provides a full range of printing products and solutions. We are also the distributor of printing machinery and equipment, service provider and manufacturer of offset printing inks and chemistry.

Accel Graphic System supplies a full range of pre-press machines, equipment and products : CTP platesetters, CTP plate processors, dampening solution circulators, fine filtration of dampening solution, fount dosing system, spray bar dampening system, ink levering control system, ink pump system, CTP inline plate register and punching system, measurement tools for plates and matching colors, color proofing printers and color enhancement software. Consumable products : CTP printing plates, printing blankets, pressroom chemical chemicals printing inks, coldset, heatset, sheetfed and UV inks, proofing papers and decalcomania papers.

We are the major distributor for the printing industry in Malaysia for world class brands such as Kodak, Flint Group, EFI, Technotrans, T&K Toka Inks, Nela, Glunz & Jensen, Vegra, Conti Air, ECRM Image Systems,One Vision, Bodoni Systems, Tulis Russell, Epson and X-rite.

At Accel Graphic System, a sale is just the beginning of a relationship. We follow-up on a sale and provide a comprehensive, disciplined and rigorous after sales support service. We conduct well-scheduled maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting that minimize machine breakdown time. Our customers can concentrate on their business knowing fully well that their equipment and machines are under the diligent watch of the Accel Graphic System after sales support service team.

With our very hands-on experienced and innovative team who understands the changing needs of the printing industry, Accel Graphic System is able to recommend solutions to our customers nationwide as well as around the ASEAN region to sustainably grow their business and that they remain competitive. Given our trusted track record of effective and efficient deliverables, we take pride that many of our customers have become our friends. Their successes have helped positioned us as a strong major supplier and solutions provider in the printing industry.

Today we have established a winning relationship with our partners, and together, we shall continue to play our role to provide world class services and solutions to help our current and future customers to grow.


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